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2017 Schedule;

Spring Event –  April 23rd     Summer Event – July 23rd     Fall Event –  October 15th.

All events at The Miller Ranch  in Corning , NY                     Rain ,Shine ,Snow, Sleet unless otherwise posted…..

Events start at noon,  late sign up possible, finish time remains same, Modern and Vintage at all events, Youth Trials starts 11:oo AM,  Big feed and awards afterward,  Number plates at last event, Events are not AMA sanctioned, a bike and $20.00 gets you in the show.


2017 Changes;

To make scoring go a little faster there will now be just 2 classes. You either ride Modern or Vintage. No sub classes within Vintage any longer.

The second change is that you can no longer ride backwards through any gate. This has created confusion in the past so now it should take away any question about what happens when you ride a gate backwards. The result will be a ZERO for the section.


2014 Changes ;

For 2014 I regret to inform you all that the entrance fee will be $20.00.  I held off as long as possible but had to do it in order to keep things going.


2013 Rule Change;

A modification to the classes will be tested for the 2013 season. In an effort to get more old iron out of the garages we will add a class to the Vintage Series. This class will be designated Late Model and include any Drum Brake, Air Cooled, Mono Shock motorcycle. In turn we will drop the Air Cooled Mono Shock Class from the Modern Series.


All events at Miller Ranch Site in Corning, NY


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